The Party Starts Here!

Grab a trip on the limo party bus everyone’s talking about. Designed on a Birmingham based jet aircraft run by the company “Cello Aviation” It’s been on the Tarmac at Birmingham airport and in most of the national papers, yes this Airbus limo bus is the only one of its kind in the UK. It boasts a unique 3D image design giving the impression it’s a real jet complete with wings!

The wings have strobes in, the under carriage flashes and it has a huge under body 4000 watt sound system giving special effects of an idling jet turbine engine and it doesn’t stop there either On the inside it boasts a simulated taxi along the runway and take off into the clouds! Yes you and up to 15 guests can experience this without even needing your passports…


The aircraft style Windows inside have been replaced with state of the art LCD TV monitors which are set up to show the whole flight through each window, There are also all the real sounds you would associate with a take off to go with this experience too!

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Our Happy Clients

Also Inside

  • Karaoke (latest system)
  • Laser shows
  • Smoke machines (by prior request)
  • Aux leads (for phones/iPod etc)
  • Cd/dvd
  • Tv’s

Leather limo style seating all around the edge Bars with champagne flutes Mood lighting Music system Drinks cooler Etc etc

Perfect for.

  • School proms
  • End of school trips
  • Hen weekends
  • Birthdays
  • Racing events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate
  • Christmas parties

Etc etc